A leisurely trip, on the calm and gentle flowing Crooked River, is a truly unique experience.  Our 40 ft. Coast Guard Certified Pontoon Boat offers comfortable seating, bathroom, and a panoramic view of the river.

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The Riverboat Experience

Welcome to Riverboat Tours!

We are very excited to take you on a tour of Crooked River It is a very beautiful part of Northern Michigan that can only be enjoyed from the water.  Crooked River is part of Michigan’s historical Inland Waterway connecting Crooked Lake to Burt Lake.  Our trip begins between the two lakes in the charming town of Alanson.  From there you will be able to view the world’s shortest swing bridge.

The river twists and turns with fabulous views the whole way. We will glide past many wonderful cottages and homes along the banks of the river as well as many uninhabited natural areas. We never know what wildlife might pop out to say hello.  We might see Eagles, osprey, swans, geese, beaver and deer.

In addition to enjoying the wildlife of the river, you will notice that the waterway is enjoyed by many boaters making their way to the lakes. Fisherman, pleasure boaters and kayakers all use the waterway. Now you too can enjoy the Inland Waterway without having  to own a boat!

The Inland Waterway is rich in history, beginning with the Native Americans over 3000 years ago. In the 1800’s steam ships began transporting tourists from their trains to various hotels and lodges along the waterway. The captain will share some of this history with you. Also, if you have a story about the history of the waterway, we would encourage you to share it with the other passengers.

JOIN US! So that you and your family may share in this adventure and have an experience full of fun and good times.